Day 07: 7 Samba Stocking Stuffers

Seven Samba Stocking Stuffers

...sounds like a line from ‘The 12 Days of Samba’ if we were singing it (hey, there’s an idea!), but it’s actually our handpicked list of last-minute gifts for the Malandro or Malandra in your life. We're not selling these items, just passing them along, okay? Enjoy!.

Brazilian Samba Popcorn
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Spied on the shelves at Home Goods and Marshall’s stores coast-to-coast, this holiday nibble is delicious and good for you, too. Isn’t everything we nosh on this time year that way? You can also order from Amazon.

Malandros Role Playing Game
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Ready to do a deep dive into the daily life of a Malandro? This RPG is popular worldwide, bringing together groups of friends to interact with other characters in the incredibly detail-rich universe of a Brazilian Malandro at the turn of the century, in the late 1800’s. Marvelous!

Churrasco Grilling The Brazilian Way
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Leave it to Texas de Brazil’s Culinary Director Evandro Caregnato to not only author the world’s only book on Churrasco in English, but to make the book an artistic masterpiece as well. World-class photography is paced by personal stories and tales to bring you in touch with the Gaucho culture, plus the 70+ recipes will make you the Brazilian BBQ King of the neighborhood for years to come.

I Love Samba T-Shirt
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Even with more than half of the country covered with snow, frigid temps and freezing rain, you know you won’t be wearing your winter gear forever. When the time is right, you’ll want to break out this smart-looking Tee. Various colors sized for Men, Women and Children.

Malandro’s Bar & Grill Print
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Okay, real Malandros don’t have rec rooms or finished basements with a pool table and bar, but maybe you do and this large suitable-for-framing print (available in a variety of sizes and styles) is sure to add a Brazilian flair. Goes with our Cachaça & Cider cocktail, too!

Samba Sunset Coloring Book
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Life is a Hustle; always on the run, always looking over your shoulder. Sometimes it’s just too much. That’s when you can turn to your Samba Sunset coloring book to refresh your spirit and cleanse your karma. 42 pages of celebrations, dancing and musical themed illustrations transport you to Brazil: parading with hundreds of dancers in vibrant costumes and fancy floats. Soon, you’ll be back on your game and better than ever!

Opera Do Malandro by Chico Buarque CD
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This is it! The audio recording of Chico Buarque’s live show ‘Opera Do Malandro’ and movie of the same name from 1978. ”Back in the 1980's I saw the film "Opera do Malandro", which featured the fantastic music of Buarque. I was so taken by the film and by this scene in particular that has lived on in my memory all these years and was the inspiration for my "Malandro Project.” – Miguel de Leon

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The Malandro Project was recorded in Rio de Janeiro with saxophonist Leo Gandelman and MPB’s Leila Pinheiro to celebrate 100 Years of Samba and its iconic character, the charming, roguish bad-boy Malandro. A combination of cultural myth and historic fact, the Malandro’s roots can be traced throughout the history of Samba. The Malandro Project album will be released in early 2017.

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